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In this leg of the business, my wife and I have been intensively cultivating our 3/4 acre lot in South MS for the past several years using NO synthetic fertilizers.  We have grown with those means that the Lord has generously provided.  Each year we cover the land with leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, and various other glorious "waste."  Many thanks to the kind homeowners, businesses and so forth who so thoughtfully set out yard debris my worms and microbes industriously convert into garden gold!  This year we intend to pass along this miracle of life via vegtables.  Perhaps NOT "G.R.O" produce (Governmentally Recognized Organic); but, perhaps, even better...perhaps!  In short: We'd like to sell you lettuce if you let-us. Smiley face emoji???


LAWNS!  Glamorous?  Probably not.  But our customers seem happy!  We offer NO contract lawn services.  All service begins  with a bid.  And, all bids are free.  Our basic lawn service includes the most common maintenance, and all bids are given with these services in mind:  Mowing, edging, weedeating and blowing.  Additional services are typically addressed on site. And additional charges are provided accordingly.   Additional services might include, but are not limited to chainsaw work, fence clearing, fertilization, etc. 


And finally, upon this pillar of our business we build pretty yards.  It might sound a little too simple.  But, amongst all of life's troubles, that's what good landscaping should be--SIMPLE!  It's a lot easier than fine woodworking. Of course, every vision presents "challenges."  Nevertheless, with a tape measure, perhaps bricks, almost certainly some wood, hopefully beautiful flowers and mulch...a pretty yard is pretty simple.  With the Lord's kind hand, I'd like to be there to make hard things a little easier,  a little prettier, and maybe a little happier.

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Without meaning to, we've come to love creation. This love easily translates into a pursuit of exemplary stewardship of land in general, and lawns-landscapes and gardens more specifically.

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